Source code for autoprotocol_demo

# stdlib
from abc import abstractmethod
from typing import Any, TypeVar

# 3rd party
from domdf_python_tools.doctools import prettify_docstrings
from typing_extensions import Protocol, runtime_checkable

__all__ = ("HasLessThan", "HasGreaterThan", "Frobnicater")

[docs]@prettify_docstrings class HasLessThan(Protocol): """ :class:`typing.Protocol` for classes that support the ``<`` operator. """
[docs] def __lt__(self, other) -> bool: ...
[docs]@prettify_docstrings class HasGreaterThan(Protocol):
[docs] def __gt__(self, other) -> bool: ...
[docs]@runtime_checkable class Frobnicater(Protocol):
[docs] def frobnicate(self, something) -> Any: ...
# From T_co = TypeVar("T_co", covariant=True) # Any type covariant containers. @runtime_checkable class SupportsAbs(Protocol[T_co]): """ An ABC with one abstract method __abs__ that is covariant in its return type. """ __slots__ = () @abstractmethod def __abs__(self) -> T_co: pass